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All of our beer brewing grains are kept fresh and can be milled in any quantity, at any time. We sell our grains by the per ounce pricing, per pound pricing, bulk pricing (10 lbs or more), and the base malts we sell by the sack.

Our Grains Include:

  • 2-Row (base malt)
  • Maris Otter (base malt)
  • Pilsen (base malt)
  • Pale (base malt)
  • Wheat (base or specialty)
  • White Wheat (base or specialty, coming 3/16)
  • Munich 10L (base or specialty malt)
  • Munich 20L (base or specialty malt, coming 3/25)
  • Vienna (base or specialty malt)
  • Rye (specialty malt)
  • Crystalpils (specialty malt, coming 3/16)
  • Crystal 10 (specialty malt)
  • Crystal 40 (specialty malt)
  • Crystal 60 (specialty malt)
  • Crystal 80 (specialty malt)
  • Crystal 120 (specialty malt)
  • Biscuit (specialty malt)
  • Victory (specialty malt)
  • Chocolate (specialty malt)
  • Carapils (specialty malt)
  • Caramunich (specialty malt)
  • Caravienna (specialty malt, coming 3/16)
  • Belgian Aromatic (specialty malt)
  • Honey Malt (specialty malt)
  • Roasted Barley (specialty malt)
  • Smoked Malt (specialty malt)
  • Black Patent (specialty malt)
  • Debittered Black (specialty malt)
  • Flaked Wheat (specialty malt in 1 lb bags)
  • Flaked Barley (specialty malt in 1 lb bags)
  • Flaked Maize (specialty malt in 1 lb bags)
  • Flaked Oats (specialty malt in 1 lb bags)
  • Flaked Rice (specialty malt in 1 lb bags)
  • Flaked Rye (specialty malt in 1 lb bags)