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How it all started

Wilmington Brewing Company and Wilmington Homebrew Supply are owned and operated by John and Michelle Savard.

"We are Wilmington natives that have fallen in love with the craft beer and wine culture. We both went to the University of North Carolina Asheville."

The unexpected education that came from living in Asheville was the knowledge gained by being surrounded by professional breweries and home breweries. Quickly, we began to brew beer and wine for ourselves. Living in Asheville which has been awarded, “Beer City USA” grew our passion for home brewing and teaching home brewing to all our friends and family.


We took a trip to Europe touring many different breweries in 7 different countries. One of our favorite experiences was touring the Cantilion brewery in Belgium and meeting the head brewer. We also took a private tour in a German regional brewery named Farny.

At this time, John thought he wanted to be a professional brewer. He started working at a packaging brewery in Asheville, but quickly figured out he wanted to brew more varieties than a professional was capable. While working at the brewery, he had an opportunity arise that led to a great opportunity for both John and Michelle.

When we dream, we dream big

John was offered a job at the local home brew supply store which is one of the best homebrew supply stores on the east coast. He was working and learning about the industry as fast as he could. He gained a great deal of knowledge about homebrewing and what was important in order to succeed as a homebrewing shop.

John graduated from UNC Asheville with a degree in Business Administration and Michelle a degree in Mass Communication, but most importantly a passion for brewing.

We moved back to our home, Wilmington, and opened our dream: Wilmington Homebrew Supply and Wilmington Brewing Company. The homebrewing community in the Wilmington area is one of a kind, and we will offer all levels of brewers the very best supplies.


Have a beer with us!